Add to Your Site

You are more than welcome to simply just link to us, but if you'd like to add the ability to search our database of sex offender and sexual predator records to your own website, we offer a completely free service that will allow you to do just that. Help keep your friends and family and informed and your neighborhood safer! No registration is required; just follow the simple three-step process outlined below.

Step 1: Choose your search type

We have four kinds of search box available - ZIP code, keyword, name, and advanced. Select which one works best for your site. The ZIP search box is the smallest; the advanced search box is the largest. Want a different kind of search? Maybe a different layout? Contact us for additional options.

Step 2: Choose your colors

Use the color selectors to choose the background and text colors which will best integrate with your website.

Background Color
Text Color

Step 3: Get the code!

Once you've chosen your search type and your preferred colors, click the 'preview' button to see what it will look like, or the 'get my search box' button to get the code snippet. Copy and paste the code snippet into any pages on your site on which you want the search box to appear. That's it!